Bottega store

Flutes, stoppers, ice buckets, aprons and more: a collection of tools to serve and promote the Bottega Gold Prosecco.

Calici Harmony

Cod. V18194

Flutes Luce (2 glass box)

Cod. V08075


Factice Bottega Gold 75cl
Cod. V18142
Factice Magnum Bottega Gold 150cl
Cod. V28004
Factice Jeroboam Bottega Gold 300cl
Cod. V28003


Cod. V18067

Bottega Crystal Ice Bucket

Cod. V18161

Bottega Crystal Ice Bucket (size large)

Cod. V18160

Copper Ice Bucket

Cod. V18008

Black Bottega Polo Shirt

Cod. V18126

Bottega Gold Tie

Cod. V18185

Bottega Gold Apron

Cod. V18183

Black Apron Bottega

Cod. V18025

Table Card Bottega Gold + Prosecco

Cod. V18215


Cod. V18809